Monday, December 12, 2011

A new Rollie

Finally got this nice Topps Update Commemorative Patch card.  These are the bonus cards you get in retail blasters.  When these first started hitting they were going into double digits.  I finally managed to snag one for .99 cents.

Welcome welcome.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Holy Crap that's a nice Rollie!! and others.

Wow I just picked up an unbelievable card the other day and it finally arrived. I've been trying to get one since I saw the first one come up for auction and I've missed two so far.  So when this one came up I snagged it and got a great deal, as it went for much less than the earlier two cards.

Sometimes Topps gets it oh so right.  Other than the fact that this is obviously from a Padres jersey and Rollie is pictured in a Brewers Uniform.  And numbered to 5!! This one is going to be going up on my Top 100 over at Collector's Crack.

I also picked up some low numbered Topps Triple Threads Unity Relics for super cheap too.
Some real nice additions to the collection.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yowza check out this new Rollie for the collection.

While it's been incredibly slow on the Robin Yount front for new stuff for the Yount collection it's been awesome for the Rollie Collection. There is a ton of stuff coming out for Rollie.

Both Marquee and Triple Threads have multiple high end relic cards for the man and I've been snagging them when I can.  I got my Titanic Threads (with Rollies number) already. And I've also picked up a couple  of the other Unity Relics from Triple Threads, still waiting for them though.  But I got this bad boy the other day and I all I have to say is Wow!!!
I think I stole this card too.  I mean it wasn't cheap, but I definitely got it for way under what it was worth.

This card will most definitely make my Top 100 over at Collector's Crack.  I mean look at that awesome patch.  And it's numbered to 3!! Freaking 3.  I know not a 1/1 but damn 3.  1/3 to be exact.

Now I have one complaint with Topps here.  Rollies in an A's uniform.  Nothing wrong with that, Rollie was awesome in an A's uni.  No my problem is he's in an A's Uni and the patch is obviously from a Brewers uniform.  I've been seeing this a lot with both Marquee and Triple Threads were Topps puts in a different team patch from the one pictured on the card.  It just seems it would be nice to have both match up.  That can't be that hard can it?

Here's what the back of the card looks like.
I love the little blurb at the bottom, "Look for two other cards in this set to create your own Triple Threads unity triple relic card!" Oh yeah because cards numbered to 3 with awesome patch relics on them are a dime a dozen.

Anyways another great addition to the Rollie Super Collection.

cb out

Monday, October 3, 2011

A new Titanic Rollie for the collection.

With Topps Marquee and Triple Thread both putting out new Rollie cards I've been on Rollie overload on the ebay.  And it's getting to be a little overwhelming on the pocket book too, so I've decided to step back a ways and let the craziness of the newness of the releases subside and I'll start scooping up cards when I can.  But I did manage to get this little beauty for fairly cheap.
The best part about this Titanic Threads is that it's serial number is Rollies number.  The seller pointed that out, not that he got a premium on the card as I snagged this card by topping the minimum bid by 50 cents, but I figured if I was going to get one of these why not this one.  I had to take the card out of its holder and touch it the swatch too.  Nothing spectacular, but a nice addition to the collection.
Here's the back.

I also snagged a super low numbered TTT patch card this weekend, I can't wait till that shows up!!!!

cb out.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

2002 Fleer Fall Classics October Legends Dual Relic with Eckersley

Just found this nice beauty in my mail box the other day.  A great addition and a peice of Eck as well.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A couple new Rollies.

Wow it's been sparse in the Rollie Fingers department for far too long.

I ended up picking up these three cards about a week ago.

First we have the 2003 Topps Gallery Hall of Fame Rollie's both the day and night versions.  I picked both these up in the same lot. 

Second we have a Rollie worth it's weight in gold.

2000 Danbury Mint issue Rollie 24kt gold card. 

cb out

Monday, June 13, 2011

A sad day at the Rollie Fingers Collector World Headquarters

I was really hoping that I would be able to post this pic and say that the rainbow was complete.

But sadly this year there will be no complete Rollie Rainbow for 2011 Topps Tribute.  I had her in my sights put in what I thought was an over the top sure to win bid and then someone went way over the top on me in the last few seconds of the auction.  It's all good though.  I figure the money I saved not winning this will be put toward a jumbo box of Series 2.

cb out.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More new Rollies

Well my Rollie 1/1 cardfest continues with some great new additions.

You're saying "but CB that just looks like the regular old Gypsy Queen Rollie Fingers card"

Yes it does but when we flip it over...
Straight from the Topps Vault.  It a blank back.  The Topps Vault was selling these on ebay.  I got this for the minimum bid, which was $9.95.  I was thinking shipping was high but after seeing the way Topps packaged the card I'm very happy.  The card comes in it's own case.

Which is sealed by a Topps Vault sticker, in a bag, in a padded sleeve, in a box, oh and it has a Certificate of Authenticity too.

I also snagged this bad boy for the opening bid of 9.99.  I'll gladly pay 10 bucks for a printing plate to add to my Player Collection.  Since I missed the first one I saw on eBay, due to high pricing snagging this guy for just under 10 bucks plus shipping seems like a steal and another ray to my Tribute Rollie Rainbow.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gypsy Queen Mini Rollies. and others

A few new Rollies to add to the collection. 
First we have Rollie Insert in a Brewers Uni in the insert set The Great Ones
And the mini version of the Great Ones.
Rollie is featured in an A's uniform for the base set, and I didn't scan the base card but here is the mini, just imagine it wider and bigger.
This one is actually the Red Gypsy Queen back parallel.

And I was also lucky enought to snag this little gem.
The Black printing plate.  Wahoooooo!.  I've got a couple other 1/1's coming so stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Rollie Rainbow, well almost.

Hey y'all, channeling my inner Deen there,
Happy Hump Day.  The weekend's in sight.  Well if anyone who ganders at this blog, there are at least a few, I put together a 2009 Topps Tribute Rollie Rainbow.  I actually finished the rainbow earlier this year, but that's not important.  With that rainbow I was lucky enough to find and snag the Red 1/1 Refractor.  A daunting task, and in 2009 it was the Gold refractor that was my bane.  I finally bit the bullet and bought a buy it now one.  It actually cost me more that some of my 1/1's from that rainbow, I also got two of the printing plates. 

This year the cards fell pretty quickly with all the refractors but the red.  I keep looking, but when your chasing a card as rare as a red 1/1 refractor there are so many factors that can keep you from finding it.  Maybe whoever pulled it is a Rollie fan too and doesn't want to sell it.  Maybe it was sold at an LCS, maybe it hasn't been pulled yet.  Who knows?  I also have missed one of the printing plates.  I say I missed it, but really I was just too cheap.  I bid up to 25 bucks and then figured I'd let it go.  I'm cheap and for the 2009 the priciest card was the red 1/1 and I don't think I paid over 25 bucks for it.

But I digress, so here is my incomplete Rollie Rainbow.  All the refractors minus the red.  This year was a different from the 2009 set, in that all the numbering is on the front, in 2009 numbering was on the back.  This year all the backs are identical across the different parallels of refractors, this goes for the relic and auto cards as well.

The base.

The blue #d to 199.

The green numbered to 75.

The gold numbered to 50!

And lastly the latest addition the Black #d to 10!!
I'm still on the look out for the Red and other Printing plates.

cb out.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've got a few new Rollies coming in.  Especially with Tribute and now Gypsy Queen coming out and the ole Rollster being included in both sets.

I got this in the mail the other day.

For those of you who don't know what this is it's a 1982 Squirt Bottle card.  With the hole intacted Squirt actually had two series of these.  One in 1981 and again in 1982.  The '82's came in double and singles.  I also have some Reggie Jackson single bottle toppers.

This card also reminds me of another great 82 card.


What's great about the Squirt card is it's a great premonition of things to come and if Rollie hadn't gotten hurt at the end of the 82 season these two firemen would have met in the 82 World Series.

It's also interesting that Topps used the same photo for Rollie on both the Squirt card and 81 Leading Relievers card, not so for Sutter.  The Squirt photo of Sutter makes him look like a young Kenny Rodgers.

cb out.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Joy of New Rollies

Wow I've really fallen behind on the old Rollie Fingers blog.  And too be honest I haven't picked up any new Rollies in few months, but this years Tribute is as good as 2009's with 3 of my HOF Player Collections showing up, including Mr. Fingers. 

Of course it wouldn't be Tribute without lots of base parallels and this year there's even a new green one numbered to 75!

The first Rollie I picked up was actually the last parallel I picked up for the 2009 Rainbow.  Goldddddd.
Numbered to 50.

And a blue.  There seems to be tons of blue Parallels on ebay for all sorts of players. 

I also just picked up a base, but I'm still waiting for it and hopefully I'll snag a green tonight.  I finally saw that another black, this year numbered to 10, has been posted.

I missed out on a printing plate the other day.  I bid it up to  25 bucks but after that I had to stop.  I really wanted it but obviously someone wanted it even more.  I don't think I spent over 20 bucks on any of the 2009 1/1's I picked up.  I still haven't seen the red 1/1 for this year listed and who knows maybe it never will be, but I'll be waiting because to be honest snagging a printing plate is nice, but I don't really consider it part of a rainbow.

cb out

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some new Rollies

A nice low numbered swatch card from 2004 Legendary Cuts and a 2005 Legendary All Stars base card.  I do believe the All-Stars card was sent to me in a trade but I can't remember from who.  So who ever you are thanks.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

1983 Gardner's Bakeries

Been a slow Rollie Month.  I still waiting for some other stuff I got off of ebay. I got a nice oddball lot that should have some good stuff in it.  But for now I'll highlight the latest Rollie card I got.  I posted about the full set of these cards over at Miles from Miller but I figure I'd highlight the Rollie card here. 

This card is from the 1983 Garnder's Bakery Brewer set.  These cards were put in with various bakery items.  I can remember my grandmother giving me these from loaves of bread she bought back in the 80's.

I really miss the Topps food sets from the 80's and 90's.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Ultimate Addition to the Ultimate Collection

I'm sure there are way more A's collectors out there that have better Rollie stuff than I do, but I'm trying to hold my own here.  A couple of years ago my Rollie Fingers collection was pretty pitiful.  But after my Yount collection slowed way down due to the lack of affordable cards being put out and the eventual plateau of picking up most of a retire players base cards, I decided to take my Fingers collection to the next level of Super collection. Now I've been collecting Brewers and Yount cards since I got into the hobby in 1987.  The one card/comic store I use to go to had all sorts of monster boxes full cards from the 70's and early 80's so looking through them and pulling out Brewers was fairly easy and cheap.  I just wish I knew were that box was.  I'm sure it's sitting in a closet at my folks house 3500 miles away.  But inevitably I picked up a bunch of Rollie cards.  By the time I got into collecting, Rollie was long gone, by about 2 years, but that stash made him my favorite pull.  Yount was by far my favorite player, he was still active up until I was in the middle of college, and luckily for me I got to see him play a few times before he retired.  Man this is draggin on... do I have a point?  No not really. 

So here I was in the late 2000's and I decide that I'm bored trying to chase after all the super expensive Yount cards that had been coming out.  The cheap ones were fairly easy to get.  And started looking at Fingers cards on ebay.  To my surprise there were tons of autos, jerseys, low numbered parallels, and they were all cheap.  And then this year it's been slim pickings.  Topps had a few nice inserts with the hat patchs and all-star game patchs but nothing to spectacular until Sterling came out.  This is by far the most I've ever spent on a Rollie card, but it was still fairly cheap by certain standards.  I've been watching a few of these cards on ebay and none had gone for under 40 bucks.  This one started out being offed for 59.99 no buyer, then relisted for  49.99 starting bid, no buyer, then finally 39.99.  I bit.  And got it for the opening bid.  I had been watching another Sterling book that started with an opening bid of .99 that went for 45 so I figured screw it.  Let this be a lesson to all ebayers, lower opening bids usually mean a higher ending price.  This was about the 6th or 7th Rollie book card #d to 10 I've seen and I knew that this might be the last one I ever see.  And I got it.  And yes I was following this card for weeks.  But not only did I get the damn card which is super sweet take a look below I got it for the cheapest end price out of all of them.  And it's #d 10/10.  Which we all know means it 1/1 right?  No, but I love that this is a selling technique on ebay.  No assmuffin it's not a 1/1 it's a 1/10 just the last one.  I might have considered it special if it were 34/34.  But I digress.  An awesome addition to the Fingers Supercollection.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A slow Rollie Month

It's been a slow Rollie month with the move and all.  I'm still waiting for a few that I bought near new years, a sweet one at that.  Anyways I picked up this Rollie Fingers/Hudson Street dual relic from the 2008 SP Legendary Cuts.  I've got a few of the solo Rollie Jersey relics but this is the first dual I've been able to pick up.  Nothing too fancy.  No color on the swatches and it's not numbered but for a buck or so what do you expect.

Here's the back.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2009 Topps Tribute Rollie Rainbow

About time, that's all I have to say.  I've been mentioning this for a while now and I finally found all the cards I needed for the post.
Here is the 2009 Topps Tribute Rollie Fingers Rainbow.  Double Rainbow.
Lets get a close up of these great cards
First we have the base Rollie.
Next rarest #d to 219. And personally my favorite just for looks, is the blue.

Then Black #d to 99
Then the gold and actually the one card I had the hardest time acquiring. #d to 50
And the magnificent one!!!

Ah the red 1/1.  I can't believe for how little I actually got this for.

And the other one of ones

The cyan printing plate.

And the Yellow.
My first rainbow of parallels.  Not too shabby and it's a HOFer to boot, one of my favorites.
I'm also slowly working on a Goodwin Champions Rainbow and pretty much have the mini rainbow done.

Anybody else out there have any rainbows to show??

Check out my Superbowl Contest over at Collector's Crack.

cb out.