Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some recent editions.

It's been awhile since I posted some Rollie Stuff.  I have been accumulating a pretty good stack but have just been too lazy and busy to scan them all in.  But I just bought a new scanner so I figured what a great way to test it out.  This is by no means everything and I wanted to leave a few for future posts but here is the newest editions to the Most Awesomest Rollie Fingers Collection.

It's 2010 commerative 4th of July Manupatch #d to 99. I don't like the picture here it makes Rollie look like he's got a unibrow.  I'm still looking for a cheap Milwaukee patch card.

Next we have my 2nd 2010 Rollie from Tribute.  He doesn't have a base card this year and niether does Yount but I did finish my Rollie Rainbow from 2009 Tribute.  I just have to find them all to post.

Jersey card above one color numbered to 75

I picked up a couple of 2008 Legendary Cuts Legendary Memorabilia for cheap.  A blue and Brown both #d to 75.

One of my nicer pick ups.  This card looks fake for some reason but who would fake a Rollie card?  Nice patch and numbered to 10!! Again I got this card for under 10 bucks so if it is fake who cares?

A couple UD Sweet Spot Classics.  2003

and 2007.

A nice UD 2003 Authentics Threads of Time #d to 350.  I love the fabric texture in this card and it's a nice layout.

 2003 SSC Patch #'d to 300.

And lastly, at least for this post a 2005 Topps Prestine Title Threads Relic.