Monday, December 30, 2013

1980 Topps Burger King Pitch, Hit and Run

This has to be one of the best cards I picked up in my COMC Black Friday Hauliday.  I love oddball food issues.  In 1980 Burger King teamed up with Topps to offer a 34 card set (33 players and a checklist) called Pitch, Hit, Run.  The first 11 cards were pitcher, the next 11 were power hitters, and the final 11 were base stealers. From what I could find you got a pack of 3 players one from each group with the purchase of French Fries.

 Other big names in the set are Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Reggie Jackson, and Pete Rose.The Standard Catalog says that most of the photos were identical to the 1980 Topps card with a few exceptions.  But the player position has been replaced with the Burger King logo. The backs are also red instead of blue. But an overall very good looking card. And these are still pretty cheap, even for the bigger named stars.

Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Panini Cooperstown Colgan's Disc

Another pick up on my Black Friday COMC shopping spree. One of three new Rollie cards put out by Panini this year so far and the only one that's not autographed by the man.  These are of course a tribute insert in Panini's Cooperstown issue to the 1909-1911 Colgan's Discs that were inserted into packs of Colgan's chip gum.  A nice little oddball and I love oddballs. 

There are 165 discs in the set and while they are unnumbered Panini or someone has found fit to randomly assign numbers to these unnumbered chips. Usually unnumbered issues will get a assigned a numbered based on where that player falls alphabetically in the set. Anywho, Mr. Finger's chip is number 108.

Friday, December 13, 2013

2005 Playoff Prestige Prestigious Pros Orange parallel

I think 2005 might have been the year of the most parallels ever produced.  And Donruss was the company that made that happen. Without a doubt the mid 2000's were stuffed with sets that offered inserts in a rainbow of flavors.  Topps and Panini still provide us with a seemingly unending variety of parallels and inserts.

 2005 seems to be the zenith of the fad though.  And it's a toss up between Donruss' Playoff Prestige and Diamond Kings as to which set had the most parallels. I tried counting and I gave up.  But between all the base inserts with varaitions and those inserts with autograph, relic, and autograph relic variations and color variations with those variations, you get the idea. I ended up picking up a couple parallels of Rollie from both Prestige and Diamond Kings.  So first up is one of the many rainbow of flavors from the Playoff Prestige set.  
The insert Prestigious Pros, the color orange. I do believe that Donruss made a color parallel for all the colors in the rainbow and then some.  The orange and the red look very similar, even in hand. But the oranges are limited to just 500 and feature Donruss' Micro Etch technology.  Don't believe me look at the box below!

Anyway I think I picked up this orange shiny beauty for about 3 quarters or about 24 minutes of street parking time in downtown Anchorage.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts When It Was a Game Silver insert

Sometimes I miss Upper Deck, sometimes.  Here we have a 2006 SP Legendary Cuts When it Was a Game insert.  Lots of foil, serial numbered and a blurry, black and white photo.  I like the design, I really like what the card represents, I'm just sad that Upper Deck couldn't find a better photo to use on the card.

This card also has a gold parallel and relic version, as well as, the 4 printing plates.

1973 Topps

I finally finished or at least got most of my Rollie Fingers collection up on it's own page.  This is not only for potential traders, but mainly for me to have easy access to a have list if I happen to stumble across some new Rollies. Or like on Black Friday want to shop on COMC.

When I finally finished going through my collection I noticed I was missing a few base cards from Rollie's playing days. I had most of his Topps cards, even his rookie, but was missing his 1970 and 1973 card. I didn't end up picking up a 1970, but I was able to snag a cheap and in very good shape 1973 base card.  I've been contemplating actually starting the set. I think 1973 is underrated and it also happens to be my birth year.

Anyways that's a post for another time on another blog. Here is Rollie all his unibrow goodness. 

And while the card has nice corners it is a little off center, but it's always nice to fill a hole in the collection.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2003 Topps Retired Signature Series

One of my goals this Black Friday was to only pick up cards for my two main player collections.  Rollie Fingers and Robin Yount.  And while I picked up way more Younts this year, I was able to pick up some great Rollies as well. 

First up is this 2003 Topps Retired Signature base card.  I really love the look of the 2003 set. That goes for the Topps flagship set this year too. I lament because I was unable to open almost nothing in 2003 due to my work schedule.  I definetly didn't open any of the Topps Retire Signature series.  These cards came in a box with 5 per box and   4 base cards and an encased retired player auto per pack. I have no idea what these went for back in the day, but the only box I could find for sale was on Amazon and it was listed for over $200. 

 There are also black parallels numbered to 99.  I do have the 2004 Topps Refractor auto for Rollie, but this is the first 2003 card I've acquired.

Here's what the box and pack look like.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2005 Fleer Showcase Showdown

Still digging through the pile of old Rollie cards.  2005 was a nice year for Rollie. He had all sorts of cards issued and all sorts of parallels as well.  The first thing I noticed after I scanned this card was holy crap does my scanner need a cleaning.  So ignore all those smudges and scratches this card looks very nice up close and in hand.

The 2005 Fleer Showcase - Showdown #118 serial numbered 05/15.
This card always make me think of the Price is Right.  Come on down!
This is the only version of this card I own. I don't even have the base card. But according to the Standard Catalog there are quite a few different variations.

I also took advantage of the Black Friday deals on COMC and scored some great new Rollies for the collection. Stay tuned for those.

Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 Panini Cooperstown Signatures #d to 199

My first 2013 Rollie Fingers card.  He's only got 3 real cards so far this year. All three are in Panini's Cooperstown set.  All are inserts.  He has two autos and a Coglan's disc.
And so I figure why not get the rarest of the cards first.  I feel like I stole this card.  I won this card for $2.25. The sellers shipping was a little on the high side which is probably why the card went for so little, but I ended up paying $6.25 delivered and I'll take that anyday for a certified Rollie Fingers on card auto. Especially one numbered to only 199.  His other auto in the set is numbered to 700 and right now I'm having trouble finding one that's not way over priced.

But here is the newest addition to the collection.