Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yowza check out this new Rollie for the collection.

While it's been incredibly slow on the Robin Yount front for new stuff for the Yount collection it's been awesome for the Rollie Collection. There is a ton of stuff coming out for Rollie.

Both Marquee and Triple Threads have multiple high end relic cards for the man and I've been snagging them when I can.  I got my Titanic Threads (with Rollies number) already. And I've also picked up a couple  of the other Unity Relics from Triple Threads, still waiting for them though.  But I got this bad boy the other day and I all I have to say is Wow!!!
I think I stole this card too.  I mean it wasn't cheap, but I definitely got it for way under what it was worth.

This card will most definitely make my Top 100 over at Collector's Crack.  I mean look at that awesome patch.  And it's numbered to 3!! Freaking 3.  I know not a 1/1 but damn 3.  1/3 to be exact.

Now I have one complaint with Topps here.  Rollies in an A's uniform.  Nothing wrong with that, Rollie was awesome in an A's uni.  No my problem is he's in an A's Uni and the patch is obviously from a Brewers uniform.  I've been seeing this a lot with both Marquee and Triple Threads were Topps puts in a different team patch from the one pictured on the card.  It just seems it would be nice to have both match up.  That can't be that hard can it?

Here's what the back of the card looks like.
I love the little blurb at the bottom, "Look for two other cards in this set to create your own Triple Threads unity triple relic card!" Oh yeah because cards numbered to 3 with awesome patch relics on them are a dime a dozen.

Anyways another great addition to the Rollie Super Collection.

cb out

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