Monday, October 3, 2011

A new Titanic Rollie for the collection.

With Topps Marquee and Triple Thread both putting out new Rollie cards I've been on Rollie overload on the ebay.  And it's getting to be a little overwhelming on the pocket book too, so I've decided to step back a ways and let the craziness of the newness of the releases subside and I'll start scooping up cards when I can.  But I did manage to get this little beauty for fairly cheap.
The best part about this Titanic Threads is that it's serial number is Rollies number.  The seller pointed that out, not that he got a premium on the card as I snagged this card by topping the minimum bid by 50 cents, but I figured if I was going to get one of these why not this one.  I had to take the card out of its holder and touch it the swatch too.  Nothing spectacular, but a nice addition to the collection.
Here's the back.

I also snagged a super low numbered TTT patch card this weekend, I can't wait till that shows up!!!!

cb out.

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  1. Sweet addition! It's an eBay 1/1!!!!!! haha, I love Titanic Threads.