Monday, November 7, 2011

Holy Crap that's a nice Rollie!! and others.

Wow I just picked up an unbelievable card the other day and it finally arrived. I've been trying to get one since I saw the first one come up for auction and I've missed two so far.  So when this one came up I snagged it and got a great deal, as it went for much less than the earlier two cards.

Sometimes Topps gets it oh so right.  Other than the fact that this is obviously from a Padres jersey and Rollie is pictured in a Brewers Uniform.  And numbered to 5!! This one is going to be going up on my Top 100 over at Collector's Crack.

I also picked up some low numbered Topps Triple Threads Unity Relics for super cheap too.
Some real nice additions to the collection.