Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Ultimate Addition to the Ultimate Collection

I'm sure there are way more A's collectors out there that have better Rollie stuff than I do, but I'm trying to hold my own here.  A couple of years ago my Rollie Fingers collection was pretty pitiful.  But after my Yount collection slowed way down due to the lack of affordable cards being put out and the eventual plateau of picking up most of a retire players base cards, I decided to take my Fingers collection to the next level of Super collection. Now I've been collecting Brewers and Yount cards since I got into the hobby in 1987.  The one card/comic store I use to go to had all sorts of monster boxes full cards from the 70's and early 80's so looking through them and pulling out Brewers was fairly easy and cheap.  I just wish I knew were that box was.  I'm sure it's sitting in a closet at my folks house 3500 miles away.  But inevitably I picked up a bunch of Rollie cards.  By the time I got into collecting, Rollie was long gone, by about 2 years, but that stash made him my favorite pull.  Yount was by far my favorite player, he was still active up until I was in the middle of college, and luckily for me I got to see him play a few times before he retired.  Man this is draggin on... do I have a point?  No not really. 

So here I was in the late 2000's and I decide that I'm bored trying to chase after all the super expensive Yount cards that had been coming out.  The cheap ones were fairly easy to get.  And started looking at Fingers cards on ebay.  To my surprise there were tons of autos, jerseys, low numbered parallels, and they were all cheap.  And then this year it's been slim pickings.  Topps had a few nice inserts with the hat patchs and all-star game patchs but nothing to spectacular until Sterling came out.  This is by far the most I've ever spent on a Rollie card, but it was still fairly cheap by certain standards.  I've been watching a few of these cards on ebay and none had gone for under 40 bucks.  This one started out being offed for 59.99 no buyer, then relisted for  49.99 starting bid, no buyer, then finally 39.99.  I bit.  And got it for the opening bid.  I had been watching another Sterling book that started with an opening bid of .99 that went for 45 so I figured screw it.  Let this be a lesson to all ebayers, lower opening bids usually mean a higher ending price.  This was about the 6th or 7th Rollie book card #d to 10 I've seen and I knew that this might be the last one I ever see.  And I got it.  And yes I was following this card for weeks.  But not only did I get the damn card which is super sweet take a look below I got it for the cheapest end price out of all of them.  And it's #d 10/10.  Which we all know means it 1/1 right?  No, but I love that this is a selling technique on ebay.  No assmuffin it's not a 1/1 it's a 1/10 just the last one.  I might have considered it special if it were 34/34.  But I digress.  An awesome addition to the Fingers Supercollection.


  1. Awesome card! I loved Rollie growing up. One of my elementary school buddies was his nephew and I remember him coming to school with a 1983 Fleer card autographed by him... I wanted that card so bad, but he never traded it to me.

  2. I love anything with Rollie in a classic A's uni...nice card