Friday, May 22, 2015

2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970's Arms Race

Card Manufacture: Upper Deck
Year: 2001
Card Set: Upper Deck Decade 1970's Baseball
Card Number AR7
Card Type: Insert
Insert Set: Arms Race

Wow I don't think I've picked up any new Rollies in a while now and I haven't seen a single new card produced yet this year.  So I'll dip into the stack.  I think I picked this card up cheap a few Black Fridays ago off of COMC. Besides this insert, Rollie has a base card a couple more inserts and a few relics and autos in the set.  The scan doesn't really show it, but the card is foil board and very shiny. The photo is terrible, terribly cropped, terribly blurry, and terribly sized.  Can you tell I'm not a fan of the set?  I do love a lot of what Upper Deck has produced over the years, but this set, not so much.

Still a Rollie card is a Rollie card.