Friday, March 22, 2013

Panini Cooperstown Auto

Just got my second Rollie auto in the mail this week.  I found this one for an insanely good price right after I found that Golden Age auto.  Sure it's a sticker auto, but the card is numbered to just 19.  As a matter of fact it's 19/19.  Which would have been an awesome card had this been a Robin Yount auto.  It's still awesome as a Rollie card, but I could give a crap of the serial number the seller was so proud of.
Welcome to the collection.  Now who wants a mushtache ride?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Golden Age

So if you haven't heard Topps extended their exclusive deal till the next decade, but the MLBPA gave Upper Deck a new license and I'm sure Panini will hold onto there's as well.  Last year and part of this year Panini put out three Hall of Fame sets more or less.  There first one was Cooperstown and there second was Golden Age.

Both sets and National Treasures have no logos and Panini got away from having that old food issue look by  cropping out logos and using black and white photos and not airbrushing out stuff.   In Golden Age they also put out Tobacco size minis most of which I still need to pick up for Rollie here.

Rollie has a base card which I featured, but he also has a nice auto in the set.

So here we have Rollie Fingers' Panini Golden Age Historic Signatures card.  The best part about this card other than I got it for a steal is that it's signed on card.  

I also like that Panini went retro with the backs.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

2012 Panini National Treasures Patch card

Rollie has a ton of cool card in National Treasures this year.  Some autos and some great relics.  I ended up getting this great patch card serial numbered to just 25 for well under the price of a blaster deliveried.