Sunday, January 27, 2013

2012 Panini Cooperstown Collection

Been a while since I picked up a new Rollie.  Rollie has a base card and parallel and a other inserts in this year Panini Cooperstown Collection and Golden Age.  I just picked his base card up with a bunch of other cards from  I'm still looking for the Crystal parallel and other inserts and been trying to pick a copy of this autographed card for under $10 bucks.  It'll happen, I'm patient.

I actually really like this set.  It's simple and Panini did a lot of close cropping and used black and white photos to get around not having an MLB license, but the over all look of the cards isn't all that bad.  Plus you've got all HOFers.

I've been waiting for his Golden Age stuff to really start clogging the market.  Golden Age has mini tobacco size cards with various backs and parallels, so I've got those to look forward too.