Friday, August 31, 2012

Some new Rollie love.

I have yet to make it too a National.  I'm scare. Really. I'm afraid my brain would pop.  I ended up going to the Chicago Comic Con years ago back when I was in college hanging out with a group of comic artists, my brain almost popped from that overload. Imagine being able to see some of the rarest and most valuable comics only inches away from your greasy fingers.  And I'd always laughed at the stereotypical comic geek.  Fat, zits, walking around with a comic long box strapped to a dolly arguing with comic creators about the flaws in their plots.  That was until I saw it first had in Chicago.  This was 1997.

My tastes have changed. I still love comics and to draw them, but my tastes have matured and I like sports cards way more.  So I would imagine heading to the National would be a little overwhelming for me.  I've had guys I know up here go and said it was insane.  I can believe it.  Maybe next time it comes to Chicago I might make it. I have relative in Chi Town so that's more doable than heading to the East Coast.

You might say CB what the hell are you talking about especially here on the Rollie Fingers Collector?

Well Leaf was giving away a bunch of promo cards at the National and one of those happened to be a Rollie card.  I snagged this for super cheap, much cheaper than say actually attending the convention and it's a great add to the collection.

I have to say I love what Leaf has been doing with it's products and their designs are top notch.  I just wish I could afford some of it.  But I digress.  Without further ado, the 2012 Leaf National Rollie Fingers Promo card.