Monday, January 3, 2011

2009 Topps Tribute Rollie Rainbow

About time, that's all I have to say.  I've been mentioning this for a while now and I finally found all the cards I needed for the post.
Here is the 2009 Topps Tribute Rollie Fingers Rainbow.  Double Rainbow.
Lets get a close up of these great cards
First we have the base Rollie.
Next rarest #d to 219. And personally my favorite just for looks, is the blue.

Then Black #d to 99
Then the gold and actually the one card I had the hardest time acquiring. #d to 50
And the magnificent one!!!

Ah the red 1/1.  I can't believe for how little I actually got this for.

And the other one of ones

The cyan printing plate.

And the Yellow.
My first rainbow of parallels.  Not too shabby and it's a HOFer to boot, one of my favorites.
I'm also slowly working on a Goodwin Champions Rainbow and pretty much have the mini rainbow done.

Anybody else out there have any rainbows to show??

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cb out.

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