Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Rollie Rainbow, well almost.

Hey y'all, channeling my inner Deen there,
Happy Hump Day.  The weekend's in sight.  Well if anyone who ganders at this blog, there are at least a few, I put together a 2009 Topps Tribute Rollie Rainbow.  I actually finished the rainbow earlier this year, but that's not important.  With that rainbow I was lucky enough to find and snag the Red 1/1 Refractor.  A daunting task, and in 2009 it was the Gold refractor that was my bane.  I finally bit the bullet and bought a buy it now one.  It actually cost me more that some of my 1/1's from that rainbow, I also got two of the printing plates. 

This year the cards fell pretty quickly with all the refractors but the red.  I keep looking, but when your chasing a card as rare as a red 1/1 refractor there are so many factors that can keep you from finding it.  Maybe whoever pulled it is a Rollie fan too and doesn't want to sell it.  Maybe it was sold at an LCS, maybe it hasn't been pulled yet.  Who knows?  I also have missed one of the printing plates.  I say I missed it, but really I was just too cheap.  I bid up to 25 bucks and then figured I'd let it go.  I'm cheap and for the 2009 the priciest card was the red 1/1 and I don't think I paid over 25 bucks for it.

But I digress, so here is my incomplete Rollie Rainbow.  All the refractors minus the red.  This year was a different from the 2009 set, in that all the numbering is on the front, in 2009 numbering was on the back.  This year all the backs are identical across the different parallels of refractors, this goes for the relic and auto cards as well.

The base.

The blue #d to 199.

The green numbered to 75.

The gold numbered to 50!

And lastly the latest addition the Black #d to 10!!
I'm still on the look out for the Red and other Printing plates.

cb out.

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