Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 Topps Tribute the start of a new Rollie Rainbow!

Well I've so far managed to grab 6 of the 9 cards I'd need for this years Topps Tribute Rollie Rainbow.  Like always the 1/1 is a pain in the ass.  This year though there are 3 really low numbered cards with gold being numbered to 25 and Red numbered to 5, besides the purple 1/1.

I missed last years rainbow by being outbid on the Red 1/1, but that's how the chase goes sometimes.
Lets have a closer look at the 6.

First up we have the unnumbered base.
I think maybe one day I'll attempt to put a base set together of one of theses products like Tribute or Museum.  The base cards just seem to get overlooked, but when your paying 50 or dollars a pack, that's understandable.

Next up in the lineup of parallels is the Bronze or Copper numbered to 299.  Remember when we use to get excited about cards numbered to 10,000!

The blue numbered to 199. Personally my favorite of the colors.
Here we have my newest one I just got in the mail to complete this portion of the rainbow.  Green numbered to 75.  I find it interesting that Topps decided to have three color parallels with numbering so close.  You jump from 199 to 75, but then 60 and 50.

Here is that 60.

And another favorite color variation of mine the orange. Numbered to 50.

Still waiting on any more reds to pop up.  I've already seen 2 of the 5 up on ebay, only a couple golds numbered to 25 and the purple 1/1 hasn't shown up yet.  You never know when or even if it will.  Some one might pull it and want to keep it.  But I'm fairly satisfied with the rainbow so far.  If I can snag a gold and maybe even a red I'd be happy to call it done.  I have seen one printing plate, but with a BIN of 125 way too pricey for me.  

I've also started working on the 2012 Topps Museum Rollie Rainbow.  So well see how that comes along.

CB out