Friday, April 22, 2011

Joy of New Rollies

Wow I've really fallen behind on the old Rollie Fingers blog.  And too be honest I haven't picked up any new Rollies in few months, but this years Tribute is as good as 2009's with 3 of my HOF Player Collections showing up, including Mr. Fingers. 

Of course it wouldn't be Tribute without lots of base parallels and this year there's even a new green one numbered to 75!

The first Rollie I picked up was actually the last parallel I picked up for the 2009 Rainbow.  Goldddddd.
Numbered to 50.

And a blue.  There seems to be tons of blue Parallels on ebay for all sorts of players. 

I also just picked up a base, but I'm still waiting for it and hopefully I'll snag a green tonight.  I finally saw that another black, this year numbered to 10, has been posted.

I missed out on a printing plate the other day.  I bid it up to  25 bucks but after that I had to stop.  I really wanted it but obviously someone wanted it even more.  I don't think I spent over 20 bucks on any of the 2009 1/1's I picked up.  I still haven't seen the red 1/1 for this year listed and who knows maybe it never will be, but I'll be waiting because to be honest snagging a printing plate is nice, but I don't really consider it part of a rainbow.

cb out

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