Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Panini Cooperstown Colgan's Disc

Another pick up on my Black Friday COMC shopping spree. One of three new Rollie cards put out by Panini this year so far and the only one that's not autographed by the man.  These are of course a tribute insert in Panini's Cooperstown issue to the 1909-1911 Colgan's Discs that were inserted into packs of Colgan's chip gum.  A nice little oddball and I love oddballs. 

There are 165 discs in the set and while they are unnumbered Panini or someone has found fit to randomly assign numbers to these unnumbered chips. Usually unnumbered issues will get a assigned a numbered based on where that player falls alphabetically in the set. Anywho, Mr. Finger's chip is number 108.

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