Friday, December 13, 2013

2005 Playoff Prestige Prestigious Pros Orange parallel

I think 2005 might have been the year of the most parallels ever produced.  And Donruss was the company that made that happen. Without a doubt the mid 2000's were stuffed with sets that offered inserts in a rainbow of flavors.  Topps and Panini still provide us with a seemingly unending variety of parallels and inserts.

 2005 seems to be the zenith of the fad though.  And it's a toss up between Donruss' Playoff Prestige and Diamond Kings as to which set had the most parallels. I tried counting and I gave up.  But between all the base inserts with varaitions and those inserts with autograph, relic, and autograph relic variations and color variations with those variations, you get the idea. I ended up picking up a couple parallels of Rollie from both Prestige and Diamond Kings.  So first up is one of the many rainbow of flavors from the Playoff Prestige set.  
The insert Prestigious Pros, the color orange. I do believe that Donruss made a color parallel for all the colors in the rainbow and then some.  The orange and the red look very similar, even in hand. But the oranges are limited to just 500 and feature Donruss' Micro Etch technology.  Don't believe me look at the box below!

Anyway I think I picked up this orange shiny beauty for about 3 quarters or about 24 minutes of street parking time in downtown Anchorage.

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