Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2005 Fleer Showcase Showdown

Still digging through the pile of old Rollie cards.  2005 was a nice year for Rollie. He had all sorts of cards issued and all sorts of parallels as well.  The first thing I noticed after I scanned this card was holy crap does my scanner need a cleaning.  So ignore all those smudges and scratches this card looks very nice up close and in hand.

The 2005 Fleer Showcase - Showdown #118 serial numbered 05/15.
This card always make me think of the Price is Right.  Come on down!
This is the only version of this card I own. I don't even have the base card. But according to the Standard Catalog there are quite a few different variations.

I also took advantage of the Black Friday deals on COMC and scored some great new Rollies for the collection. Stay tuned for those.

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