Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1973 Topps

I finally finished or at least got most of my Rollie Fingers collection up on it's own page.  This is not only for potential traders, but mainly for me to have easy access to a have list if I happen to stumble across some new Rollies. Or like on Black Friday want to shop on COMC.

When I finally finished going through my collection I noticed I was missing a few base cards from Rollie's playing days. I had most of his Topps cards, even his rookie, but was missing his 1970 and 1973 card. I didn't end up picking up a 1970, but I was able to snag a cheap and in very good shape 1973 base card.  I've been contemplating actually starting the set. I think 1973 is underrated and it also happens to be my birth year.

Anyways that's a post for another time on another blog. Here is Rollie all his unibrow goodness. 

And while the card has nice corners it is a little off center, but it's always nice to fill a hole in the collection.

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