Friday, January 1, 2010

Something old and something new. For the New Year

Ah going through a box I found in the closet I came across a couple of packs of Brewers Police Issue Team Packs I had picked up somewhere.  I remember in Wisconsin growing up the Police would hand these out at the 4th of July Parade.  And here I found a good one. 

It's a 1984.  The bummer about the cards from this era is they are oversized so you need to find special holders for them the Ultrapro and Card Saver II's work pretty well.  Later issues are regular sized.

And here is the something newish for New Years. 
I got this the other day. 

I got this for a nice 10 dollar bill.  The thing I love about collecting the fringe stars.  I know there are other Rollie Fingers collectors out there I've bid against them.  Or at least A's or Brewers fans but look at this card this shouldn't be a 10 dollar card but alas it is.  Looking it up that's about what this card goes for.  It's not numbered so I guess that takes some of the value down but I love the Sweet Spot Signatures.  With the actually stiching and crystal clear sig. 

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