Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The 1982's and a 83 for Good Measure

Yesterday was a great card day.  I got a ton of stuff in the mail.  I got a bunch of 2008 Allen and Ginter picks to help finish my set and I also got a nice lot of Rollie cards.  I also got a lot of 1983 Donruss Action All-Stars with Robin Yount on top.  I only opened one pack because this card was on the back.

Rollie looks like he's about to sing. 

But here is a collection of his 1982 cards.
Donruss first.

Nice card.  I really like the early 80's Donruss. Simple and clean.

Here is the Fleer.

Not a huge fan of this set.  A lot of the pictures are blurry and not composed well.
The 81 Fleer is a much better set.

And lastly all three of Rollies 1982 Topps cards.

This last card almost deserves a post of it's own.  I think I would call it Mustach vs. Beard.  Rollie Wins but damn look at Sutters soup catcher.  Looks more like Grizzly Adams than a St Louisr reliever. 

Another reason why I like the 82's is that this is the year that Rollie help take the Brewers to their one and only World Series Appearance. 

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