Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2009 Topps Tribute Printing Plate 1/1

So correct me if I'm wrong but I haven't looked at the checklist at topps.com. Mainly because the checklists there are a mess, but I haven't because I don't really plan on getting too much of Topps Tribute.  I mean 50 bucks a pop for a pack is a lot.  I much rather surf for aftermarket stuff.  But I do believe that there should be 4 1/1's of players in the set.  The red refractor 1/1 and 3 printing plates too.  I unfortunatly won't be getting any Younts on that 1/1 list I fear. I've already seen 2 sell on ebay and both went for about 100 bucks not too terrible but not what i'm willing to pay.

Not when I got this lovely gem of old Rollie for 13 bucks.

Behold the Cyan Printing plate 1 of 1.  AHHHHHH.
Yep for a quarter of the price of a pack too. 

For anyone who hasn't gotten to get close to one of these, there pretty cool.  Actually metal, aluminium I do believe.  This is my second printing plate so far.  I also got a Brad Nelson Rookie Printing Plate from last years topps set.  CB.

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