Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My recent acqusitions from Checkout My Cards: Oddballs, Inserts, and Parallels.

Well I had to pick up a few Rollie Fingers cards when I was making my first purchase from Checkout My  Cards.  You can read all about the whole thing over at Collector's Crack

But I thought I'd put up all the Rollie goodness here in detail. 
I love oddball cards.  Food issues, hardware stores, restraunts whatever.
I had to have this oddball when I first saw it on ebay and was lucky enough to be able to snag one on COMC. 

It's a 1992 Ziploc card!!

Next I picked up a 2009 Goodwin mini.

I was able to pick the foil and black border minis off of ebay but figured I'd pick this one up for the cheap while window shopping at COMC.

I also got a nice 2008 Goudey Red Back mini.

And lastly I was able to get a 2005 UD Origins Old Judge.

Price for all 4?  $1.75 plus shipping.  Some nice additions to the collection on the cheap.
Until next time.

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  1. Rollie's 'stache is in fine form on the Ziploc Card! Very nice pickups.