Thursday, January 7, 2010

AOJ 1/1 Art Cards Just Gottem'

So I'm purusing ebay one day.  I seem to do this a lot and was checking out some Rollie Fingers stuff.  It's amazing what you can  find and for how cheap.  So anyways I stumble across these AOJ 1/1 Sports Art Cards.  AOJ stands for Art of Jon.   Anyways Jon's official ebay store is here nojfotra. He's got lots of other cards listed there too and he does commissions.

Just look at all the Mustachy goodness.
I was really curious about these cards so I went to the AOJ website.  Supposedly Jonathan Gordon, who is the artist here, has been featured in Beckett and other publications.  Never heard of him, maybe someone out there has, anywho I couldn't pull the trigger at the buy it now price of 14.99 a piece.  Couldn't do it.  But they went unsold.  mmmm. Next week they are being live auctioned for a starting price of .99 cents.  Sweet I ended up getting both for under 6 bucks plus 2 bucks shipping.  Perfect reward/risk price.  But I have to say they are really nice.  The paper is thin almost looks like bristol board not card stock but I took the card out of the holder and sleeve and got a really close look at it  and it's all original non reproduced so that's sweet.

If your interested check both the links above for stuff about the artist and the ebay auction site. 
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