Monday, December 21, 2009

Mustach Envy

Hello All,
Well to start the almost new year off right I've decided to expound my blogging to include at least 2 if not 3 new player card blogs.  And of course if your reading this you know from the title that this one if about Rollie Fingers.

I mean just look at that 'stash.  I have stash envy all over.  So this isn't just about the 4 years he pitched with the Brewers.  Nope this is dedicated to the man, his whole career and his cards.  So here are a few I just pulled out so liven up the blog the first is a 2001 Brewers Walk of Fame Norstan card.  I think these were given out at the stadium, don't really know.

The second card is a classic 1984 Gardners Bakeries Topps Card.  Here's Rollie with all his mustachy goodness in a great pose in a brewers uniform. 

Series II no less.

well until I get a hankeren for more Rollie check out my other blogs over at and both full of useless info, images and rants.  Until next time.

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