Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2002 Topps Super Teams

I don't remember ever seeing this on the shelves, but back in 2002 there was a lot on the shelves and i wasn't spending a lot of time looking for baseball cards.  But luckily Rollie has 3 cards in the base set and a couple numbered retrofractor parallel cards too.

I couldn't find odd of hitting certain cards and I'm pretty sure you weren't guaranteed an auto or relic in the box, but the issue did offer that possibility and the checklist, while short, has some pretty big names in it.  Rollie doesn't have any autos or relics in the set.  

This card celebrates the 1974 World Series A's team, it would be the third consecutive World Series win for the A's and Rollie would garner the World Series MVP title.

I ended up picking this beauty up as part of my Black Friday haul at COMC last year.

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