Monday, January 13, 2014

2004 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection

Back in the mid 2000's Upper Deck set the bar pretty high with it's high end offerings. Between Sweet Spot and Ultimate, Upper Deck really had the corner covered when it came to higher end baseball cards. But since Upper Deck lost most of it's major licenses it's become a side note, unless your a big hockey fan or enjoy seeing your favorite stars in college uniforms.  

What I like best about this card is that Upper Deck gave Rollie card number 34, his number. However they feature him in a A's uniform, but all the information and stats are from his time with the Brewers.  That's something Topps would do. Actually Topps would feature Rollie in a A's jersey and list him as an A and then put a gigantic piece of a Brewers or Padres uniform on the card.

Still a nice card here though. And even though low serial numbered cards are the norm now, it's nice the base card is limited to just 675 copies. 

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