Friday, January 3, 2014

2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic

I still love picking up base cards of my favorite players. Even if they are issued well after the player has retired. The early 2000's was littered with issues that featured retired players and Hall of Famers. Donurss Classic, Topps Retired, and of course Sweet Spot Classic. I think the nice part about these sets is that they have a place. Sweet Spot at the time was one of the premium issues. And of course the big draw was the autos and relics in the set, but Upper Deck was always good at putting out a nice base card and 2003 Sweet Spot Classic is no different. A great picture of a young pre-mustache Rollie with nice gold foil accents. Boxes of this still go for over $100 and  this is before Sweet Spot morphed into the one pack per box super premium issue.

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