Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants Gold

I'm still digging through the collection, since the looks like 2013 will not be a very good Rollie year for new sports cards.  By my count there are only 3 new cards. Two autos in Panini's Cooperstown Collection and a Colgan's disc insert.  I'm not counting the Tristar cut auto cards.  

So lets take a trip back in time to 2005.  There were lots of products coming out in 2005. And there were lots of Rollie Fingers cards to be had.

I remember when this came out. You got a little Mitchel and Ness mini pennant as a top loader. I bought a box of this way back then. My pennant was one commemorating the 1932 World Series with the Yankees vs the Cubs. Can you guess who won?  I don't remember what else I pulled. I know you got a couple autos and I think a relic too.  I'm also pretty sure I did not pull this Rollie out of that box.  No, I'm fairly certain I got him off of ebay.

Rollie has a couple autos in the set as well, but this card is his Gold Parallel card numbered to just 50.

I also just realized looking at the back of the card here, that Rollie is 5 days older than my father.  But he's also almost 6 inches taller.

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