Saturday, November 9, 2013

1989 Padres Magazine Insert card

I apologize for the lack of posting here. 2013 has been a really slow year for collecting Rollie Fingers. Rollie has only had a hand full of new cards issued this year and at least 2 of them are low numbered autographed cards and Topps has not put out any new Rollie cards this year.  

So instead of waiting till I find a decent priced auto card or a Coglan's disc card that I don't have to pay $3 in shipping I've decided to dip into the collection and pull out a nice oddball to blog about.

I have no idea where I got this card. It most likely came as part of a large lot of Rollie cards I won years ago.

I had to consult the all knowing Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards 2010 edition to find out about this cool oddball.  According to the catalog these cards were part of a 24 card set that was distributed inside the Padres official team programs back in 1989.  There were 4 cards to a panel and 6 panels total.  It was a collaboration between the Padres and a local card store San Diego Sports Collections.  

According to the Catalog a complete set books for about $15 with Tony Gwynn commanding the the premium of the set at $6.  

Rollie's card books at a $1.50. 

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