Saturday, November 27, 2010

Smell my Fingers

It's been a good week.  I've gotten quite a few new Rollie for the Awesomest Rollie Fingers Collection ever.

The first is the 2004 Fleer Inscribed Names of the Game Jersey of the Rollster.   I've also seen numbered versions of this card without the jersey and I'm not sure but there might also be autos of this card.

Next is this 1983 Permagraphics Superstar.  If you've never seen one of these there like a credit card and even have a signature stripe on the back and there made of plastic.

Another 2010 Tribute jersey card with a nice stripe on it.  This one is #d 18/50.

And last but not least...

2004 UD Etchings Etched in Time #d to 375 Rollie auto.
This card is beautiful.  Lots of foil and a great auto.
The best part about this card is that I only paid $2.75 plus shipping.  A super deal in my opinion.
I'm excited there are some nice Sterling cards out there right now. 

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