Thursday, November 18, 2010

The latest awesome Rollie addition.

I've know that these were out there.  I've been waiting to try and get one.  But I haven't seen a single one listed for auction or buy it now since these cards came out last year.  And then last week.  The skys opened up and I saw a ray of sunshine beam down and saw this listed.  Now you say oh it's just a Rollie Fingers Goodwin Champions Black mini. 

No it's better it's the black foil Magician Back!! #d 3/8 one of the rarest cards in the set. 

Here's the back.  Pretty sweet.  This is one of my Top 10 wanted Rollie cards.  I had decided after complete my Rollie Rainbow for Topps Tribute last year that I wanted to try and pick up some of the rarest cards for Rollie. The best part this card only cost about 10 bucks plus shipping.  A pittance compared to the relative scarcity of it.  I have seen very few Magician cards come up on eBay let alone of someone I wanted.

I still have yet to post the rainbow from the 2009 Tribute set.  I apologize those cards are spread out and packed away right now but soon I should have some room to spread out.  I think I actually posted all the individual cards as I collected them.

Next up I'd love to get my hands on a couple of printing plate from this set but I haven't seen any of those up at all either.  If anyone has a Rollie printing plate they'd like to trade for I'm open.

cb out

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