Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some New Auto's for the Rollie Collection

Got a couple more Autos of the Rollster in the mail today off of ebay. 

I love collecting Rollie cards simply there are some cool cards and it seems like I get them super cheap.

The first one is this.

It's a 1990 Swell by Impel cards hand signed.  The seller didn't have a story to go with the card but a nice sig non the less.  And I got it for a buck plus shipping.  I didn't even have this card unsigned so a nice cheap addition.

And second is this.

It's a 2005 Ultimate Signatures Edition on card auto. 
I paid 5 bucks for this one.  I guess it's not numbered but a nice card and sig all together.

until next time

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  1. I have a foul ball that I got at Spring Training in the early 90's that's autographed by Rollie and Davey Johnson if you're interested.