Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I suppose for every player collector there are certain cards that are holy grails.  It might be that super limited rare Refractor auto numbered 1/1, but more often then not it's just the player's  basic rookie card or cards.  Lucky for me Rollie only has one rookie card.  Not like some of my other collected players. 
I've been biding my time waiting to get a Rollie Rookie.  I didn't want a graded one, at least not yet, and I didn't want just some junk card to say I had it and i didn't want to pay through the nose for it.   Well finally I got my prize. 

Nice corners, clean both front and back, descent centering.  And I paid 11 bucks for it so not to shabby. 

I have to say for rookie cards this one is terrible, but not as bad as Paul Molitor's/Alan Trammell rookie.


Now I still just need that one other rookie from 1969 that I like.  Mr. Jackson I'm coming for you!!!

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  1. Nice card! Its always a satisfying feeling when you track down a card that you've coveted for a while.

    I am still waiting for a decent 75 Yount mini to come my way.