Wednesday, October 3, 2018

2017 Chronicles - Swatches

Year: 2017
Manufacturer: Panini
Set: Chronicles
Card Type: Insert, Relic
Insert Set: Swatches
Card Number: CS-RF
Card Attributes: Serial Numbered, Relic
Relic Type: Jersey
Serial Number: 040/299

To say it's been slow at the Rollie Fingers Collector world headquarters is an understatement.  At least when it comes to picking up new cards for the collection.  But as luck would have it I just got a trade package in the mail from Julie who writes A Cracked Bat.  She also happens to be a Tigers collector amongst other things and I sent her a slug of Tigers a while back.  In the trade package were a great selection of Brewers cards about 85% of them I didn't already have, which is a boon considering the massive sorting and cataloging of my Brewers collection I've been undertaking, closing in on 9000 unique cards for the team!  To help add to that total and to my Rollie collection Julie also sent this gem.

I've seen this card pop up on my ebay searches, but I've been really limiting my online purchases lately and mainly to just new Yount cards.  So adding a new Rollie, a new Rollie serial numbered relic, and he's featured as a Brewer, or as close as Panini can get is great.  The card commemorates Rollies 300th save.    

Thanks Julie! 


  1. Is "a slug of tigers" like a pride of lions or a murder of crows? I like it!

  2. Nice card! I like the Chronicles set this year.