Monday, July 16, 2012

2012 Gypsy Queen Rollie Rainbow

I've been meaning to post the newest rainbow for a while.  To be honest I was waiting for the last card I needed, which was the plain old base card.

Of course there are the full size parallels and the mini parallels.

There are three base minis back variations.

Base back.
Gypsy Queen back.
And the Straight Cut back.
And there are three more mini parallels in the rainbow as well.
First we have the Green.  The greens were kind of odd. In hobby packs there were harder to hit than the sepia numbered mini's, but in retail they had a much higher insertion rate.

The black parallel.
I think I like the black parallel backs the best.
And the last of the mini parallels the numbered sepias.

The full size cards had 3 parallels not counting printing plates.
First is the Bronze or Golden framed parallel cards.  These were found in retail rack packs in a three pack bonus pack. The backs are the same as the base card and they are unnumbered.

Next we have the blue framed cards. Found in hobby pack and serial numbered to 599.

And of course this year we have the insanely rare black bordered parallel cards.

It looks very similar to the blue, especially when scanned.
I was lucky enought to snag this bad boy for way less than I was willing to pay and of course after I let the Red 1/1 Tribute card slip through my grasp I wasn't going to let this one. 


  1. Wow, congratulations, very nice

  2. That's a tough one to complete with the black! Very nice!