Monday, April 19, 2021

2021 Topps Project 70

Year: 2021
Manufacturer: Topps
Set: Project 70
Card Type: Base
Card Number: 60
Print Run: 3666
Artist: Ermsy

Wow been awhile since I posted something.  Been even long since I picked up a new Rollie card.  I've been mainly focused on other things, but I have occasionally picked up a new Rollie card here and there.  The newest one, but not for long, is this Ermsy Project 70 card.  Ermsy was part of last year's Project 2020 and definitely brings a very noticeable style to his art.  I joked because one of the common themes is the squiggly line that run through a lot of his cards that look like intestines.  None of those here, but the card still retains and exudes a definite Ermsy vibe.  Fully featured are Rollies mustache and fingers.  

For those of you still living in a cave or bunker.  Project 70 was the follow up to the very popular Project 2020, but this time there are more artists, 51, and they aren't constrained to certain subjects, they can create cards featuring whom ever they want.  Topps puts out 3 cards a day, Monday through Friday, and there are parallels to be had.  Rollie fellow cards on his release day feature Aaron Judge and Cal Ripken, and kind of surprising to be Rollie out sold both (although not by much).

Now if only someone would put out a Yount card!!


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